About LO

Lorelle Oliveira Sherman

Lifestyle influencer + Content Creator

Hi, I am LO! I create lifestyle content! As a wife, mother, media professional and flight attendant, I pride myself on creating content that helps my audience understand what it takes to successfully juggle many hats.

Being relatable and relevant is most important to me. Using my digital space to share useful products, makeup + style tips and life lessons is my primary focus.

Balancing motherhood and various careers can be challenging but I am here to remind us all that it CAN be done. Let’s connect!

There is more than enough time in one day to accomplish all that we desire. The key is implementing infrastructure and finding a plan that works!

My work bags are from TravelPro.

Creating authentic content that connects with my audience is truly my passion.


I have a seven year old daughter named Jayce Kensley. She is the light of my life! I often share our special experiences, favorite places to shop, and must have curly hair products! Moms, we have got you covered!

Featured here: Jayce’s outfit is from Macy’s. Hair accessories from Claire’s.

My outfit is from H&M (headband + earrings also)

Dress featured is from Macy’s

Fun Fact: Jayce has been to Hawaii, St. Thomas, Orlando, Maryland, California, Jacksonville, Tallahassee all before the age of 7!

Favorite places to shop for Jayce:

Children’s Place


Fab Kids


I am married to Gregory Karlton Sherman II. Check out my blog post on how we had to postpone our wedding due to COVID-19.

Gregory is the greatest man I have ever known.

I share a lot about our journey down the aisle and our love story!

As a black woman, wife, mom in the influencing world, my voice is very unique and I am able to connect brands to my audience in a way that is relatable. When my audience connects with the storytelling, the brand’s products organically convert.

Brand Partnerships

I partner with brands to elevate brand awareness, launch
campaigns, boost sales and project brand messaging through
sponsored posts. Deliverables would include but not limited to:
In-feed posts, photo carousels and story posts with swipe up

My audience trusts me to be transparent and
share moments, products and experiences
with them that are unique and authentic

Content Creation

My content creation is centered in creativity and authenticity. I partner with brands to shoot, produce, edit and deliver multimedia content that can be used on various platforms.

As a black woman, wife and mom in the influencer industry, I am able to bring a unique voice and perspective to the table.

We are a blended family– another element that makes my story very different. When I met my husband, my daughter was one year old. We now have a baby boy on the way and Jayce is 7 years old.

Hugs from my Jayce are always the best!

Mr. & Mrs. Sherman

Follow me on social media! I am always sharing my experiences in motherhood, as a wife and also business woman. My husband is the funniest man. Lol. You’ll enjoy. the content!